Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have been a little busy.

So sorry I have not posted in so long. I have been busy with Birthdays. Since we meet 13 years ago, Allan and I have had fun celebrating our birthdays a week apart.(We also say we have to “break-up” the week between our Birthdays because he is to old for me for that week, and we also use the time to gather “new material” since we know everything about each other.) Some years are a little more exciting than others. We have done everything from Mexico to nothing at all.

This year I have to say was a fun one. I threw Allan a party at our house on August 26th (when he returned from a road trip). I grilled burgers, bought a huge pork roast, and got him his dream cake. It was a Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream cake. I have to say it was WONDERFUL! All of our friends came to celebrate with him.

For my Birthday I decided I wanted to go out. We invited everyone to join us at the Crown Winery (only 5 miles from our house.. very nice!) Everyone brought finger food. We were able to do a full wine tasting and buy what we liked. The music was great, the company was even greater. My dear friend Lara made the most AMAZING carrot cake I have ever eaten! She said she would give me the recipe. Maybe I will ask to share it for everyone to enjoy. I savored the last few pieces for a few days after the party. I wish I had a close up photo of the cake, but my camera battery was dead and I didn’t have the self control to wait to get another. LOL!


Friends at the Winery.


Blowing out all 32 candles on the wonderful carrot cake.



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