Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summertime means…

Oh how I have enjoyed Summer. One of the best parts of Summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables. We actually planted our first garden this year. It has been so wonderful to eat food that we grew ourselves. I always look forward to grilling out, watching the kiddos run around in the back yard, and relaxing in the warm sun. I will miss the Summer when it leaves us soon. But, Fall is my second favorite season so I will be okay.

Here are a few of the wonderful meals I enjoyed this season.


This was a strawberry I got earlier this Summer. It just made me smile!

SANY0565Yes this is a b.b.q. bacon cheeseburger. I LOVE grilling!

SANY0573This is a grilled romaine steak Caesar salad. You have to try grilling the whole head of romaine lettuce. It adds a wonderful flavor.

SANY0599I made fresh strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting for the Hollis church wedding reception. They were SO GOOD!!

SANY0604This is one of my favorite desserts for the summer. Fresh blueberry and peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream. It has to be HOT so the ice cream melts all over it!!

SANY0775Double decker BLT with fresh  toasted French bread and tomatoes from the garden.

SANY0777 Roasted Vine ripe tomatoes (from our garden) stuffed with creamed spinach and topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.

SANY0772Sophia begged for weeks to get a REAL coconut so she could “get a straw and drink the coconut milk out”. Well it finally happened. She wasn’t as impressed as she thought she would be! It didn’t taste like sweetened coconut.

SANY0776Preston’s favorite lunch. PB&J with grapes and cantaloupe.

I also made a 2 layer Key Lime pie last week. But it was eaten before a photo could be shot. LOL! I know it will be made again very soon!

That is all for now. I am getting hungry now!!

I will be posting tomorrow about a fun craft project I just tried. You must see!!

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